We have extensive background in process industry, including oil refining, petrochemicals, paper industry as well as energy intensive processes. Our experience spans several succesful industrial machine learning  projects involving large scale processes. We hold PhDs in chemical engineering and applied mathematics and have several decades of combined experience from industry and academia.

Our Products

Autopilot for process industry

Increase plant performance up to 20%
Eliminates product quality variations
Easily configurable and cloud-ready

Mechanistic AI

Estimate unmeasured quantities such as degree of catalyst deactivation
Predict important process variables
Combine with Autopilot for maximum plant performance

Our Services

Efficiency improvement

Eliminate any bottlenecks as well as problems arising from valve stiction, fouling and corrosion and equipment wear.

Process prediction and estimation dashboards

Observe all important predicted and estimated quantities such as flow compositions and selectivities from a convenient dashboard. On-site or in cloud.