AI from process industry experts, for process industry experts

Maximize process efficiency, profitability, and decrease emissions through our advanced process control and AI solutions

Mechanistic AI

It's like seeing inside your process equipment and knowing exactly where you are.

Mechanistic AI can solve most challenges in process industry by:
 1. Providing information on actual process state
 2. Estimating delayed and unreliable measurements
 3. Estimating physical quantities not possible or infeasible to measure
 4. Assessing condition without equipment disassembly or shutdown

MAI has been successfully validated in industry!

Process Autopilot

Optimizes process in real-time to maintain its objectives while improving efficiency by up to 20 %.

Especially beneficial for complex processes with slow dynamics and delays where unmeasured disturbances require constant setpoint adjustments to reach target for process output.

Proven technology with fast and guaranteed return on investment.

Efficiency Improvement Analysis

Sometimes, process can perform poorly due to a trivial cause such as wrong equipment sizing, poorly tuned basic controls or deteriorating actuators. We will find the cause and propose improvements.

Our Team


Alexander Bor

D.Sc. in process control and automation from Aalto University focusing on optimization of energy boilers. Several years of product management and algorithm development experience of industrial optimization products. Extensive knowledge in both continuous and discrete optimization as well as machine learning methods. OPC UA proficient.

Alexey Zakharov

PhD in applied mathematics from Moscow State University. Proven track record of developing state-of-the-art process control and predictive maintenance methods which are both robust and data efficient. Broad experience in successful implementation of machine learning and predictive maintenance solutions in various industries.